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The Schenectady County SPCA is organized as an IRS 501(c)(3) all donations are 100% Tax deductible!

Every person who works for the Schenectady County SPCA is a volunteer! 

We have no paid staff.

Our volunteers donate their time and energy because they believe in the mission and purpose of the organization.  We understand many people cannot commit their time to the organization, but we hope they can help by making a financial donation.

We are NOT funded by the ASPCA, New York State, or any other local government. We rely exclusively upon donations from the public who believe in the work we do in order to continue to serve the community.

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If you prefer to mail your donation, please send a check made payable to Schenectady County SPCA to:

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Animal Abuse

To report animal abuse, please call our confidential emergency hotline at 518-755-9517 or click the button below.

Medical Emergencies

For medical emergencies, please contact your local veterinarian or animal control immediately.

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