Woman Arrested Couldn’t Afford Pet Care

Schenectady County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals arrested a woman on a misdemeanor charge after neglecting to treat her injured pet.

The SPCA says Elizabeth Moshier took her six-month old pit bull puppy to the vet on Oct. 22 to be treated for a broken leg but could not afford the care and left.

Then on Nov. 2 the puppy has not been treated and the veterinarian called to see what would be the solution, according to SPCA spokesman David Dean.

Moshier suggested she would not treat the puppy due to financial reason and she was arrested on related charges.

Now the vet has taken ownership of the puppy and provided the necessary medical care.

The SPCA suggests that anyone who cannot afford the proper care for their pet should contact the group for information on financial assistance.

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