Puppy in Schenectady Dog Torture Case Gets New Home, Name

Her life began as a hellish nightmare, but a local puppy now has a new lease on life.

The Poodle-Dachshund mix once called Carmella was scalded and abused by Thomas Hendricks, a Schenectady man who admits to also torturing two other dogs to death.

Arlene Conway read a story about the puppy and contacted the Schenectady County SPCA to adopt the dog. After several interviews, the SPCA agreed to the arrangement.

On Thursday, she moved to her new home in Colonie with Conway and was renamed Angel.

“I think, my God, she is a survivor,” Conway told NEWS10. “It is just so hard. Imagine the struggle that she went through. But, she made it.”

Conway recently lost her Jack Russell Terrier and says Angel is truly an angel for her. As for Hendricks, he now faces 2 years in prison.

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