New Law in NY Could Lead to Fewer Euthanasia

Dogs and cats across New York stand a greater chance at being adopted, rather than being euthanized. Governor David A. Paterson has signed a law allowing dogs and cats to be released to another pound, shelter or humane society in order to increase the animal’s chances at adoption.

Current laws in New York don’t allow animals to be transferred from one shelter to the next. That means, if Shelter A is about to euthanize a dog or cat for population purposes, Shelter B, without a population problem, isn’t allowed to accept the animal.

“This is a big win for animal welfare advocates across New York,” says Schenectady County SPCA Captain Jeremy Noble. “This is a great opportunity for shelters to work together and extend the lives of animals that would be needlessly put down under the old law.”

Four millions cats and dogs are put down in U.S. shelters each year. That’s about one every eight seconds. Many cats and dogs that die as a result of overpopulation could have made wonderful pets, if only they were in the right place. This new law gives animals a greater chance at finding a loving home!

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