How Professional Pet Photos can Benefit Animals

Pet photography has many uses and benefits. While pet photos make cute greeting cards and calendars, they most importantly can also help animals in need.

A private interview with Rebecca Smith from the Schenectady County SPCA revealed some uses of pet photos that you don’t always think about. Working for the SPCA, Rebecca has seen first-hand that people have to be the voice of animals. It is unfortunate and heart-breaking the rough shape that the SPCA volunteers see animals come in with after neglect and abuse. After a little love and TLC post-rescue from loving and caring people, Rebecca says those animals deserve a professional photo. Instead of a low quality photo of a sad animal behind a cage that depresses people and reminds them of commercials with Sarah Mclachlan music playing in the background, professional photos show happy pets that are loved, appreciative, more resilient, and have a higher percentage rate of being adopted.

“As humane law enforcement officers, we do arrest people for animal cruelty and anytime we can punish the offender and prevent them from abusing other animals or humans is always a good thing. Humans are animals’ voices and the more we can do to return their love the better for all. Surviving abuse and loving another human is a huge achievement for many animals and I can’t think of a better way to capture that than with a professional picture,” says Rebecca Smith.

Other ways pet photography can benefit animals in need is through fundraisers. Heather Madeline donated photography time at an event the SPCA has held annually for the past three years, and that continues to grow in attendees and vendors each year. The Wags and Whiskers Funfair is a fundraising event with food, unique vendors, live music, pet adoptions, show demonstrations, auctions, and even includes a kid zone with games and a bounce house. The last two years it has been held at the Mabee Farm Historic Site in Rotterdam Junction, NY in July and information about the event can be found on the Schenectady County SPCA website each year at

Pet photography has benefited animals in need at the Wags and Whiskers Funfair each year by photographer’s donated time with a Pet Photo Booth. They raised an additional $80.00 at the event over the past three years with $5.00 professional pet photos taken and printed as 4×6′s on-the-spot. All the money raised from those photos went directly to the SPCA. Also, Heather Madeline continues to work with the Schenectady County SPCA by giving 10% of each pet photography session she does to the SPCA as a donation. If more pet photographers who care about the cause did little things like this more often, your pet photography can not only preserve the memories of our past, but also save the lives of deserving and loving pets of tomorrow.

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