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Dogs Rescued from Filthy Duanesburg Compound

A disturbing find inside a trailer park in Duanesburg. The Schenectady County SPCA rescued 20 animals from a trailer on Western Turnpike Friday. Catherine Wallace of Duanesburg has been charged with animal cruelty. The SPCA confirms she has had animal … Continue reading

More Than a Dozen Dogs Rescued from Home

Rescuers removed more than a dozen Chihuahuas that were locked in four crates stowed in a storage locker at a mobile home park on Western Turnpike. Members of the Schenectady County chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty … Continue reading

Dogs Seized From Duanesburg Trailer, Storage Locker

State police used a blow torch Thursday to cut the lock on a storage container at the Hillside Commons Mobile Home Park to rescue 13 Chihuahuas that were whimpering inside. Now, a mother and son are each facing more than … Continue reading

Woman, Son Charged With Animal Cruelty

A town woman and her son were charged with 33 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty after State Police found 13 dogs locked in a storage unit. The owner of Golden Self Storage on Western Turnpike called State Police after hearing … Continue reading

Thirteen Chihuahuas Rescued From Self Storage Unit in Duanesburg

Authorities from the Schenectady County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discovered a storage unit in Duanesburg, N.Y. on Friday containing 13 Chihuahuas stuffed into four crates. There was no air conditioning, food, or water for the animals. … Continue reading

Schenectady County SPCA Rescues 19 Chihuahua Dogs From Duanesburg NY Home

WNYT-13 covers the SPCA rescue of 20 animals in the town of Duanesburg. 13 Chihuahua’s are found locked in a storage unit and 7 others are discovered to be living in unhealthy conditions.

Chihuahua Dogs Rescued in Duanesburgh NY From Storage Unit

YNN interviews SPCA Lieutenant Matt Johnson and covers the Duanesburg rescue from the scene after SPCA officers uncover a case of animal cruelty.

Schenectady County SPCA Discovers 19 Abused Chihuahuas, 13 of Which in a Duanesburg Storage

CBS 6 investigates a story after the SPCA exposes animal cruelty in the town of Duanesburg. 20 animals in total are found to be living in filthy conditions.

Schenectady County SPCA Discovers 19 Abused Chihuahuas, 13 of Which in a Duanesburg Storage

FOX 23 highlights the SPCA Rescue of 20 animals including 13 Chihuahua’s that were found locked in a storage unit without food or water.

Schenectady County SPCA rescues dogs and cat from storage unit in Duanesburgh, NY

WTEN covers the Duanesburg Dog Rescue on all of their newscasts Friday June 15th after SPCA officers rescue 19 dogs and 1 cat. This is the 11:00pm report.