Abused Dog Gets New Home

Carmella has a new home, a new owner, Arlene and a new name, Angel.

All this just two months after being tortured by Thomas Hendricks, who admitted to holding this seven month old poodle-dachshund mix under scalding water and ripping out her fur.

Hendricks could serve up to two years in prison in a plea agreement in the case that also involved the killing of two other dogs.

While bare spots on Angel’s legs and a scar caused by her ordeal remain visible. What’s even more clear is that she hasn’t lost her love for people.

The Schenectady County SPCA took care of this good natured little dog until it could find a suitable home. It didn’t take long for Angel and Arlene to hit off, or for angel to make herself at home in her new digs.

Arlene says she and angel will be taking lots of walks in the park there, and a lot of time cuddling in her home watching TV.

It may just be enough for Angel to think she’s in doggie heaven.

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